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  1. Under the Counter

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    By attempting to tip the scale towards the lesser narratives, under the counter is a collaborative process of exploring ways of countering dominant narratives existing within social and political landscapes.

    Set against the backdrop of Finland’s centurian commemeration of its civil war and as it continues to build upon emblems of national and collective identity, the work dives into the country's past, investigating its present in order to possibly subvert its future.

    By projecting the parallel histories that could have had the power to effectively influence the present as well as the future of a country, we inquire into paths that the dominant history may choose to, selectively and systematically, annihilate certain inconvenient narratives, memory places, and facts. It's a souvenir shop of objects that the country perhaps hoped to have – three desires unrealised.

    In collaboration with maria villa largacha, tommi ollikainen and aneta astova for “Whose History is it Anyway?”

    Exhibition view from Whose History is it Anyway? | Aalto Learning Center 

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